“Synevir” will be launch in theaters on 3rd of April!

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We're back with great news !


First Ukrainian horror film in 3D format “Synevir” will  be launch in theaters on the 3rd of April! 


So on April the 3rd grab  your friends & family and run to the cinema to watch "Synevir"


Follow the news on our pages and website. We will tell  all the details soon.

The most interesting things are ahead!


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Synevir was presented at Odessa International Film Festival

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We are happy to bring you the good news!


 3D feature horror "Synevir" was presented in the "Ukrainian gala premiere" section at the Odessa InternationalFilm Festival.


 Film was introduced to the eager audience by producer Vladimir Horunzhy, screenwriter/director Alexander Aleshechkin and Alexey Kashin from 3D Planet, film's 3D supervisor.


The first Ukrainian horror film in 3D “Synevir” plot takes place in Carpathians, near the Lake Synevir - a mysterious place away from civilization where the group of  tourists didn’t expect strange events while they were having a summer brake... because none of them knew that …there is something out there ...


The film theater was jam-packed. All viewers stayed until the end , everyone wanted to know how the movie ends. The reaction of the audience was very enthusiastic! We where Infinitely pleased with the fact that the film did not leave anyone untouched . There was a lot of positive feedback about the quality of the picture in 3D and the surround sound in Dolby 5.1. The audience of OIFF confirmed the jury decision of the Moscow International 3D Festival, where  "Synevir" won the Grand Prix in February of 2013.

Now we are  preparing for the film's release in autumn, so its coming soon.


Thank you for staying with us. Watch out for the latest news on our website and on the official pages in social networks.

Synevir - new trailer for theatrical release

Dear friends!


The most important thing for us - to make "Synevir" 3D unforgettable film with highest picture and sound quality for our audience. The entire post-production process was quite complicated, but it’s totally worth it! At the Third International 3D - stereo Festival in Moscow "Synevir" won the Grand Prix as the best 3D feature film among 17 works submitted to the competition.  Ministry of culture and Academy of Cinematography of Russia by awarding the Grand Prize confirmed the opinion of the lucky ones that have seen the movie - it is fantastic!


We hope you like it too.


We present you the new official trailer, prepared specifically for the theatrical release of the film. 

Watch the trailer

Synevir - teaser

The answer to the question "Will the Synevir be dubed  in Ukrainian" is -

Offcourse it will! 


Here you can watch a short teaser in Ukrainian 





We are geting ready for the premiere of Synevir . Coming soon ! 

Where is Synevir


Dear friends!


We received a lot of questions through social networks and website of "Sinevir".


The answer to your question "Where is  Synevir?" is  -


The most important thing for us - is to make "Sinevir" 3D unforgettable film with highest quality of picture and sound. The entire post-production process was quite complicated  because we have decided to use only Ukrainian companies to create video and audio parts  for the first Ukrainian 3D genre film. As a result of the complex and hard work, we sent our film to the Third International 3D - stereo Festival in Moscow. "Sinevir" won the Grand Prix as the best 3D feature film among  the 17 projects presented at the contest.


A jury consisted  of professors of 3D technology, critics and representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Russia. It confirmed the opinion of all those people  who had the opportunity to see our movie. We hope you will like it too.



Now we are negotiating with the distributors about the date of release of the film.


Follow the news on the official website and official pages in social networks, as soon as the date will be  known – you will find it out first! Thank you for you interest in our project. Stay in touch with us.


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inQ Production team 


Synevir at 3D festiaval in Moscow

Ukrainian monster conquered Moscow!


Great news friends!


First Ukrainian horror movie in 3D format  "Synevir" become a winner of  the prestigious international 3D-stereo Festival in Moscow, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation. "Sinevir" won the award in the Feature Films category.


The jury was consisted of leading figures of culture and cinema of Russia, who appreciated the original idea and

high quality 3D shooting.


Read more here:


From the set of

From the set of the first Ukrainian horror movie in 3D "Synevir" and an interview with  producer Vladimir Horunzhy  in "Maximum in Ukraine" on ICTV channel 


Ukrainian beast was seen in the woods near Toronto!

The first domestic horror movie in 3D will participates at the cinema market of Toronto Intarnational Film Festival - a prestigious international film festival in Toronto, Canada.

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) - an annual film festival which takes place in Toronto since 1976. This year the 37th festival started traditionally at   Thursday after the Canadian "Workers Day" - that is on September 6th and will be held during 10 days until  September 16th.

Synevir is complete

Friends! Good news! The film is complete. Our team did their best! 3D picture is  wonderful!

Now "Synevir" will visit the cinema market in St. Petersburg and Toronto.

We are counting days until the premiere to show you our work.

21 cinema achievements of Ukraine

"Synevir" , "Lovers in Kiev" and "Orange Love" were  included in the list of  cinema achievements of Ukraine - 21 film, it  was compiled  on the eve of 21-st anniversary Independence of Ukraine.


Interview with Vladimir Horunzhy for mediabusiness.com.ua

Interview with Vladimir Horunzhy for http://www.mediabusiness.com.ua.

“We will have a first domestic monster in our movie”


An interview with Aleshechkin brothers for "Focus" magazine

An interview with the Aleshechkin brothers about the first Ukrainian 3D horror film "Sinevir" for "Focus" magazine.


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tochka.net – exclusive Internet partner.





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About shooting of the film

Read about shooting of the film directly from the set, interesting facts and much more in the latest issue of “SHO” magazine.





Directed by film, the brothers Aleshechkin, described as the first Ukrainian shoot a horror movie.


In August, the Sinevir - the largest lake Transcarpathian - have been shooting the same film. Presumably the tape will be released closer to the new year and will become the first domestic mystical thriller. The film's director - the brothers Alexander and Vyacheslav Aleshechkin told what decided to scare the audience how to create a Ukrainian mob and the similarity of our lake with the famous Loch Ness.

Finish shooting

Friends.We are pleased to inform you all,that the basic shooting our film successfully completed.Now began the most Responsibility process - assembly and transfer in 3D formatWatch for news

1+1 tv chanal about «Synevir»


In Zakarpatye, near the lake Synevyr started shooting first in Ukraine mystical thriller in 3-D format! With the shooting site - Miroslav Ulyanina ("Breakfast with 1 +1")