End of 70-s in Soviet Union. Excursion in St.Sophia Cathedral. A group of tourists stops near the remains of the medieval drawings on the ancient wall. Guide explains that this is the pictures of the buffoons.  There are picture on which several people with drums and flutes, or shields and spears in their hands surrounding a strange creature with a human body and the head of a dog. One of the tourists, 35 years old Egor gazes closely into it.


Guide continues to talk monotonously about holidays, about mummer  and the buffoon, about the origin of theater in Ancient  Russ . Egor gazes into the ferocious dog muzzle.


It’s a small village lost in the woods near the mounting lake Synevir in the Soviet Carpathians. Brother and sister, Sasha and Nastya sneaking out of the house from their parents in the morning They are going to a fishing trip.


They reach the Synevir lake, fishing going great – a full bucket of the fish.

Shout "Au!" suddenly heard in the woods.


It is Carpathians. There is a camp on the clearing. A tent stands near the “Moskvich”. There are five students in the camp - three boys and two girls. They are good friends since a pioneer camp. They gathered to rest near the lake Synevir once again.  One of them is a local guy. He tells a story about monsters with a head of the dog and human bodies, which supposedly used to lived on the shores of lake.


Main characters Danik with his girlfriend Katya and other guy Fedor going after Nastya. Second couple stays in the car. Shadow flushes near the car window. Frightened girl offers to locked in the car and wait until morning. The guy laughing at a coward leaves the car  and looks around.


There are no one.  The happy guy returns to the car. Doors of "Moskvich" are wide open. He notices that the girl’s leg peeps from behind of the bushes not far from the car.  He laughs at the raffle. Guy comes up to the bush - he sees his girlfriend covered with blood behind it.


The guy in horror begins to move back to the car,  an  uterine growling is  heard out of the darkness ....